Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The World Future Energy Summit 2009

Abu Dhabi's event of the year.

It kicked off to a great start!

Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed came to inaugurate the event. He's really tall and imposing... but very charismatic. Protocol: when royalty walks in, everyone has to stand and remain standing until they are seated. 

Cool exhibit- the biker powers the headlight (which is also the biker's head :P)

Shell's electric car- it fits one person who weighs less than 50 kg. This little boy was enjoying the attention :)

I met Rajendra Pachauri!

M networked with the PRT people. I like the idea of traveling in podcars... but they only go up to 40 km/hr
PRT (Personal Rapid Transit)- London Heathrow has them too!

And MIT held a public relations event

Dinner entertainment was pole-dancing! I thought it was kinda ironic since this is the Middle East after all... but I was told it's more "sophisticated" than belly dancing.

One guy at our table took offence and turned his back on the dancers facing us instead. I resisted the temptation to point out to him that we weren't exactly family either!

The singer had an awesome voice! She sang "Killing Me Softly"

The perfect ending- delicous :)


  1. I see you've learned tact. Oh and that's not pole dancing! Where's the pole?

  2. london heathrow will hav them.. duzn hav em yet !!!

    and wats wrong with 40kph man !!! i say give them to all the oldies/disabled out there !!! :D

  3. @Shade, you're right... it was more like a rubber pipe covered with cloth

    @AbdulSami they were marketing their product (guess it's ok to lie through your teeth?)
    it cracks me up to imagine a 65+ year old zooming by on a PRT :)

  4. lol rather in a prt then a porsche !!!