Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Abu Dhabi Classics_The Magical Music of Walt Disney

Thursday evening, my roomie S and I went to see "The Magical Music of Walt Disney" (an orchestra show featuring Disney music) at Emirates Palace except we both misread the date on the tickets and showed up a week too late :P

It was pretty funny/tragic... S and I were all dressed up (complete with make-up and heels) and looking forward to an evening of music and relaxation. We got there early and walked around for a bit, admiring the view (Emirates Palace is gorgeous!). At 5:30, I went up to the reception and inquired where the event was being held. The receptionist smiled and asked to see our tickets and then politely informed us that the show had already taken place last week!

Utterly humiliated, yet trying to appear calm and dignified, we went to have coffee and debate our next move (since we'd told the driver to pick us up two hours later) while mourning the loss of 250 AED.

Guess I forgot to say "Inshallah" before making plans... :P

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