Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conversation at Lunch

M, I and MY are 20-something females raised in Muslim families. J is Johnny, the only American and male at the table.

M: "I've found an eligible prince. I'm going to marry him."
I: "Really? Who is he?"
M: "Sheikh Hamdan, the son of Dubai's ruler, he's Muslim, educated, good-looking, rich, and cares about the world... he's perfect!"
I: "I heard he recently got engaged..."
M: face falls, "Really?!" 
I: fake sympathetic smile, "Yes."
MY: "You know you can always be the second wife."
M: "True, but I'd rather be the first of two wives... he'd value me more."
MY: "I don't think so... First wives are like tattered old t-shirts, wouldn't you rather wear something new, fashionable and sexy?"
M: "I prefer being comfortable in my old t-shirts, I can be myself."
J: shakes head "I can't believe you're having this conversation" 


  1. does he take men ?


    i wouldn mind being mildly associated to him and be able to foster his wealth... lol