Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Miss...

Chocolate Chip Cookies:
I am craving chocolate chip cookies. Soft, gooey ones, like they have in the USA. I went cookie-shopping in AD but it wasn't the same :'( 

The cookies here are crumbly and brittle and the chocolate chips are too sweet. When I dip the cookie into my glass of low-fat milk, it disintegrates and sinks to the bottom. Ana sad jiddan (I am very sad)! 

I've been here almost four months now and only had pizza once! The pizza joints are few and far between- no Papa Johns home delivery... Pizza Hut is too greasy and they reduced the size instead of hiking up the prices so one teensy slice costs around AED 15.

Public Transport:
Other than taxis, public transport still has a long way to go... the buses are overcrowded, stop at arbitrary points and don't service half the places I'd like to visit. Streetcars might be a good idea (like the ones they have in Toronto).  

Online Shopping:
I miss being able to order anything and everything online... Amazon rocks my socks :) 

I really miss the squirrels! Didn't appreciate them enough when I was there... notice its wistful expression... 



  1. awww... don you get cookie dough there... that is a very american thing that we used to get in uk but not any more !!!

    no ideas about resta things but i heard public transport was absolute shyte in uae!