Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's wedding season again and harried moms are to be found in shopping centers and at the darzi ki dukaan (tailor shop) frantically shopping and completing outfits for their kids' shaadis.

It's finally become chilly in Karachi and I can go to bed without turning on the fan or ac (Alhamdulilah!). On the streets, you'll see the occasional uncle in an argyle sweater and muffler and an aunty swathed in her winter shawl :p My Lahori friends find it funny while our German boss merely thinks it's "fresh"! Meanwhile, in our temperature-controlled office building, you can't really tell if it's warm or freezing outside... :"(

Right now, I feel like having a mug of hot chocolate from Bent Spoon and a warm, bearclaw pastry from Panera... *sigh*. I also wouldn't mind scurrying home and getting back into bed with an Austen-type novel :)

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