Thursday, December 8, 2011

At Gina's

Husband (earlier that day calls to say): "I'm at Barasti with Awesome (friend). Will pick you up for dinner from the Mall at 7:30" (Gaia is spending the day at the Mall)

Around 7:45 pm, Mr. F, Gaia and Awesome are walking past Gina's at the Mall.

Husband (beaming): "You know, we saw quite a few of these on the girls at Barasti!"

Gaia (also beaming): "Great, then you can buy me a pair too!"

Gaia, Husband and Awesome walk into store... Gaia likes this one:

Sales lady finds the right size and Gaia practices walking around the store. Awesome suggests getting matching clutch.

We walk to the counter to pay.

Sales lady (beaming), "That will be 10,000 AED"

Mr. F (also beaming), "We'll come back. Thank you!"


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