Tuesday, November 29, 2011

White Hair

I'm officially old now... I crossed my 25th year in October and I'm now a mature adult having studied and worked abroad, gotten married and managed an independent household. The last couple of things have probably been the most challenging... Marriage is no easy task and you learn on the job; nothing can prepare you for it! In my case, Mr. F and I hadn't really known each other that long (around 6 months of chaperoned dating) but that was much longer than my parents knew each other (a few phone calls and glimpses at various community weddings).

The advantages of marrying someone significantly older based on my experience:
- Other person is relatively more mature, less likely to have "breakdowns" and experienced enough to deal with minor crises that occur almost daily ("Mr. F, I ummm... locked the car keys in the car and I'm now stranded in Gizri :'(, I managed to get really nice flowers though!")
- You're not struggling financially; instead of saving and generally being careful like most young couples, I get pampered by Mr. F, eat out at nice restaurants, take impromptu fun trips and don't feel *too* guilty splurging on something occasionally
- Other people take you more seriously; this I've found to be true for most married people! While my single friends are sometimes relegated to the "kid's section", older adults now expect me to join them at their table (I can now make polite small talk with aunties and uncles between the ages of 30 and 100 from all segments of society), children's admissions, maasi/ayah/driver woes, Pakistani politics and the moral deterioration of Pakistani society are generally popular topics (sometimes, I wish I was back at the kids' table :-p)

P.S. I'm loving Google's theme today http://www.google.com.pk/ :-)

Happy Birthday Mark Twain!

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