Sunday, November 27, 2011

Home Again...

Except, I'm not quite sure where home is any more... I have my "own house" that I reside in with Mr. F but we don't own it, I have my room in my parents house but it's not the house I grew up in; they moved to a new place when I was studying abroad and I never really had the time to make it my own (decorate my bedroom etc.) and then I have my in-laws house in Lahore where the entire family live together and where Mr. F and I have a little room of our own.

These days I'm staying with my parents. I usually do that when Mr. F's away on business trips but I feel rather like a guest sometimes. I bring a suitcase with my clothes for the next few days and my own toothbrush and cosmetics. I sleep on my old bed but it's not just "mine" any more... when I'm not home, my bedroom's the guestroom :-P


  1. awwwww..... All my heart goes for poor desi girls... a home the grew up they spend their bachpan in, there dolls... one day they leave it for another guys house

  2. quite true! once u have left ur home on ur return u actually feel like a guest... i left almost 9 years ago grew up in one house moved for uni to another city where i cud go home only on weekends (my room in the new home/house is not personalised either).. now when i go things seem so different coz now i cnat go on weekends either.. uni hasnt ended yet :P