Thursday, November 10, 2011


Went to Lahore for Eid and ate lots of meat... too much in fact! Then, I got the flu... runny nose, leaky eyes and pains and aches all over... :'(

PIA has hired Greek planes with Greek staff and both my flights to Lahore and back were delayed by a few hours. I feel for the people who remember PIA's days of glory with uniforms designed by the likes of Pierre Cardin and a brand new fleet of planes.

Back at work today except, it's one of those lazy days when no one feels like doing much.

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  1. Hope its not Dengue fever !!!!
    Yes i agree with ya Once PIA was best airlines in Asia but now its worst.... Compare air hostess & food of Qatar, Emirates with PIA.
    One of my eropean friend says PIA inflight smells fishy specialy gulf bound flights..