Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Post-Marriage Travel

Since the wedding, I've been to Thailand (for the honeymoon) and then made frequent short trips to Lahore. My travel style has changed. I used to be a (somewhat :)) responsible adult... Carried my own bags, kept track of my passport and luggage and made sure I got onto the right plane at the right time. Now, I'm usually just standing by or sitting while the husband "takes charge" and stands in line while I get to rest/amuse myself at the airport shops :p.

Travel does tend to change a person... and it's hard for others to relate to the experiences if they haven't done something similar. When I came back from the US and Abu Dhabi, as clich├ęd as it sounds, I learned to see things in a different way and it was hard for others to see where I was coming from.

Between spouses though, it could create a permanent, specially if one travels a lot and the other doesn't... ?

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  1. ...also when traveling first time ... by any means towards any destination & u dont have any one trust worthy along...