Sunday, December 19, 2010


London Heathrow closed down due to inclement weather over the weekend, lots of flights were delayed or cancelled and now dear Mr. F is stuck there until Emirates decides to put him on a plane... Guess I'm not the only one with airport "adventures" :-p

Earlier this year, right before the wedding, an ash cloud descended over Europe. The husband was in Germany at the time but luckily it cleared and he managed to make it back in time... Right before the wedding, I was in Dubai and Cyclone Phet struck Karachi. My plane turned around and went all the way back to Dubai :P

The weekend was lovely :") It's great being back at home, listening to Rihanna and acting wacky with the siblings. We went to Sandspit, collected seashells and ate yummy greasy garlic-mayo fries :).

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