Thursday, December 23, 2010

For You

It's been exactly a year since you put the ring on my finger, a shiny diamond announcing to the world that we were "officially" together. I remember you calling me right before your family came over asking if I was ok, if I was nervous... That was sweet :)

At that time, I wasn't in love... I barely knew you, and didn't trust you, yet, I'd agreed to spend the rest of my life with you. I'm still not quite sure what made me say "yes". We were world's apart in terms of our personalities, our family backgrounds, age, culture... even our mother tongue wasn't the same but we shared common experiences, having studied in the US and then returned to Pakistan. Now is probably a good time to admit that I did have a crush on you. I admired your leadership, conviction, intelligence and forthrightness and the ability to get along with all kinds of people. Sitting 10 feet across from you at work, I could hear you on the phone, hear your laugh. I had to walk past your office every morning and I'd debate about whether to say "Salam" or "Good Morning" or just ignore you completely. I'd try to come to work early so I wouldn't have to decide what to say... because I'd be thinking about you even when I wasn't.

I fondly remember our chaperoned "dates". The chaperon being my 12-year old sister :P. I was extremely awkward in the beginning... I'd blush when you'd look at me but gradually, I came to accept the relationship. I felt comfortable taking my place in the front seat of your car and having you pay for our weekly dinner date. I also appreciated your restraint, in not touching me until after the wedding even though it was a difficult six months for you... :-P

Fast-forward to our six-month wedding anniversary and I can say, yes, I am in "love"... perhaps not in the mushy, sentimental way they show in the movies (though I do feel that way at times), but you are a part of my life now. It's natural waking up next to you, eating from the same plate (gross I know!), having a breakdown and weeping down your fresh t-shirt (sorry!). I also appreciate the little gestures that make me feel special: parking the car a certain way so I don't have to reverse all the way out, making sure bills and groceries are taken care of, taking me out for a McFlurry just because I don't feel like regular food and spoiling me with classy, thoughtful gifts. You do make me feel like a princess :)

Thank you with all my heart.


  1. Its amazing how your posts hit so close to home.
    Amongst all the cyber-reality, your world feels more real than the rest :)
    God Bless! :)

  2. seriously i just love whatever u wrote here.. but this one is exceptional and let me break down my rules of being silent reader which i was from past 1 year :D ! the things you wrote seems so close to reality and anyone can easily relate him/her self to their partners/loves ..cheers.. ( nazar na lagay ) yeah marry chrismax :)!

  3. what a beautiful post! hope u guys stay very happy with each other for ever and ever and ever :))

  4. SubhanAllah...may you both be blessed always :)