Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Arranged cum Love Marriage: 6 Month Update

Mr. F and I were working for the same organization, we "met" at work and I was indirectly reporting to him. He interviewed me for my current position. Yet, when people ask about the "story", he's quick to respond, "We were introduced through friends!" riiiiight :-P

True, a mutual colleague did broach the rishta topic with my parents but all-in-all, neither of us was averse to the idea either. And, as I'm quick to point out to Mr. F, he did the approaching/initiating so it wasn't one of the "parents show girl's photo to guy, he nods in agreement scenarios... "

So, six months later, I think we've worked through a lot of issues, grown as people (I think I've grown more... I was the rather naive, ditzy type :-p) and learned to compromise :) (Mr's done more in this domain). I'm also learning to be more "dignified" and slowly coming to realize that everything I do, each decision I make will affect another person for better or worse. A sense of humor helps :)

Cases in point:

- I turn off my morning alarm and go to sleep... Mr. F and I both come in to work late :p
- I forget where I parked the car... Mr. F and I are both in the parking lot looking for our car and trying to avoid getting bitten by stray dogs after a long day at work (he's cursing under his breath at this point but doesn't say anything aloud for which I am grateful)
- He asks me to iron his red shirt, I iron his crimson shirt and the electricity promptly goes. Apparently, that was the wrong shirt... we're both late for the party :P. In future dear husband, please specify the exact shade of red to avoid confusion.

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  1. Patience my child :D ! .They helps relationships to grow in you and your man.