Monday, December 13, 2010


What with one thing or another, I've been on blogging break... Mr. F's gone to London for a week and I'm staying at my old home. At least sister dear is excited to have "Apa" to stay... :)

I'm turning into a sloth and I've been down with sniffles and the flu... Karachiites really can't handle winter :p. On Friday, we had a team-building event at the beach :) and Mr. F left early next day... We played beach pictionary and I designed an obstacle course and a treasure hunt as part of the team-building activities... Thankfully, it went well with no major glitches.

I'm surprisingly relaxed and at peace alhamdulilah... I thought I'd be miserable with the husband away but I'm actually enjoying the break... lol!

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  1. Wah :P Enjoying the break huh :D

    Good for you!