Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 2

I can't believe I've been home for a week already! I went out for a drive today and got samosas :-) and jalebis. Only in Pakistan will you find fresh samosas for Rs. 6 ($0.07). Ana saeedah!


  1. I'd be happy two if I were eating that! Looks delish! I've been thinking a lot about home lately too. I haven't been back in a very long time...

  2. mmmm.. i had a mango lassi on saturday, but it was too watery and not the same without you! =/

  3. Honestly! LOVE pakistan for its awesome food

  4. oh. my. god. that's so not fair!
    samosas are my most favourite food in the world.

    oye, how long have you been in lahore for?
    arizona grill has/had good pasta and a great pina colada.

  5. ok, i just saw the archives - you are in khi and they too have an arizona grill...
    why'd you leave? we never even got to meet!
    i no be liking this!

  6. @Mishi... it's great being home and your parents will be happy to see you too!
    @SH... miss you!

  7. @mayya... me too :)
    @hemmie... i heart your blog (it entertained me at work). i left to (inshalah/hopefully) start grad school but i'd love to come back at some point!