Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aunty Parties

Yesterday was my mom's friend H's birthday and so, her friends decided to throw a surprise party for her. Aunty H's daughter was told to bring her mom to Pizza Hut at 1:30pm and the other aunties got there early bearing gifts and flowers. To add to the ambiance, the waiters put up Pizza Hut balloons and streamers around our table and when a little kid came along eager to claim the balloons for himself, Aunty F told him, "Beta, hamari party hai" (son, it's our party). The little guy's face fell and he scooted away :P.

Aunty H finally arrived around 2:30pm but I'm guessing she'd guessed something was up because she was beautifully coiffed and dressed :) The aunties ate, drank and made merry (they now have flavors like Showarma Pizza and Karahi Chicken Pizza and appetizers like Seekh Kebab Rolls to cater to Pakistani tastes). Finally Aunty R left the table and came back 5 minutes later with a secret smile on her face.

After everyone was done eating, the waiters came along bearing a cake with candles and proceeded to belt out "Happy Birthday to You" in off-key voices. They made noise enough so that every other table in the restaurant was watching ours. Aunty R blushed at the attention and cut her cake... At 3:30, she got a call from Neelo's salon asking her to confirm her appointment at 5:00 for a blow-dry, pedicure and lifting facial (this was her daughter's birthday gift... awwww).

Once lunch was over, the aunties wanted chai so they decided to go to a dhaaba (a roadside cafe) and drink dhaaba wali chai... Ofcourse, aunties are too hygiene-conscious/sophisticated to drink in the dhaaba cups, so they asked for the chai to be put in disposable plastic cups and sipped away. So ended Aunty R's birthday party :)