Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bun Kabab

Wikipedia describes the bun kabab as an "authentic South Asian sandwich" consisting of a spicy patty, onions, chutney or raita in a hamburger or hot dog bun warmed on a karhai.

I had one today after a really really long time. I usually avoid street-food on short visits but this time I'm here for a while so I decided the risk was worth it (the risk of food-poisoning/gastroenteritis/typhoid due to the dodgy hygiene conditions :p).

Boy, was it worth it :) My mom and I tracked down the old bun kabab-wala since he'd moved to another area and ordered four bun kababs. He served them fresh and hot and we devoured them hungrily, reliving days gone by when we'd stop by the bun kabab-vendor on the way home from school and have bun kababs for lunch.


  1. Lol @ the risks! :P I usually go to Karachi for a week or two, and for the first two days, my stomach is always upset - because I just can't resist the food! Halva puuri in the morning, hussainabad ki biryani, Tandoori Inn ki chicken makhni, late night dinners on the highway! So this time, I asked my sister to buy me a strip of intestopan beofre I reached there... it really helped a lot :P

  2. lol... glad it worked out for you!

  3. i had bunkebab in dubai last week - my boss, who is from khi forced us to go there.
    it was nothing to write home about. just a hecka spicy burger in a burger bun with mint chutney.

  4. you need to come to karachi for the real thing... dubai mein it's not the same!