Thursday, July 2, 2009


The people at work threw me a farewell today... I feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) We had Arabic food and set up chairs in the lobby. Almost everyone showed up (mostly for the free food :p)!

It's a bittersweet feeling- I'm happy to be going home but at the same time, sad. I filled out the exit clearance form and turned in my work laptop, house keys and i.d. card (sniff), cleaned out my desk, recycled all the paper and took my name tag off... It's been a rewarding experience and I did learn a lot during the course of the year. I'm going to miss some people a lot, others, not so much. I gave Il my wall calendar and mousepad to remember me by and got small gifts for the girls. We did the three-way hug/kiss and exchanged emails and phone numbers but I didn't cry... In fact, I couldn't stop smiling (is that weird?).

I also received my "good conduct certificate" from the Abu Dhabi Police today (200 Dhs!!).

Final steps: do laundry, empty fridge and cupboards, dust and mop house, make cake for security guards...


  1. Hey!
    Just got caught up on your blog. So, you're heading home - wow, that sounds exciting and scary all at the same time. Are you for sure going to grad school in the fall?

  2. Hi Mishi!

    I hope so... I need to start the visa processing when I get home. It is a little scary going home for 3 months... hopefully it'll be ok.

  3. Making a big move is always scary. It's easy to get caught up in worst-case-scenario "what if"s. But it's always worth it in the end! :)