Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tis Warm in Karachi

After yet another "adventure" I arrived safe and sound in my beautiful home city :) I'd decided to keep all of Saturday free to say goodbye to everyone since my flight was booked for Sunday evening and I'd have all of Sunday morning to pack, clean and wrap up things (or so I thought). Al came over from Dubai and we hung out at IKEA. I was planning to meet some people for dinner later that evening.

At 4:30 pm, my mom called to say hello and confirm my travel plans. She told me to make sure the flight was for the 5th and I assured her it was confirmed but she told me to check again just to make sure... (mom's intuition). I didn't have my ticket on me so I went up to the Etihad kiosk and asked for a confirmation receipt. The person at the counter said I wasn't listed... (Gaia has mini panic attack). He ran another check and informed me that I was booked on the flight leaving tonight (Saturday evening at 11:00 pm)... major major panic attack!!!!

After some deep, abdominal breathing, I called my friends and asked them to meet me earlier (at 6:30 pm) and after a quick farewell, I sped back to the villas... We got stuck in traffic and it was 7:30 pm by the time I arrived at the villas (time to check-in = 1 hr 30 mins).

I did laundry, dried and folded my sheets and towels, took out the trash, finished packing and weighing my luggage and cleaned the kitchen in 1 hr 30 mins. I also ended up giving away 50% of my things including my favorite Pton t-shirt :'(. Coming down the stairs with my over-stuffed suitcase, I managed to fracture a bone in my right hand (I heard a slight crack) and the hand swelled up and turned purple.

Thanks to Zubair (our awesome driver), I made it to the airport just in time (huge sigh of relief) and made it to Karachi where the temperature is around 42 degrees Celcius and there's been no electricity for the past two hours (which means, no airconditioning/tv/fun).

But I'm happy to be home :) and our cat is expecting again and my hand is back to its normal size...


  1. aww what was your favorite shirt? maybe i can try to get another one for you and deliver it when i visit ;) among my friends, you are the most like anne of green gables in having the craziest adventures >.< haha

    i'm glad you got home in the end and hope your hand heals quickly!

  2. awww... thanks, it was the blue WWS one... but I have others :) hope you'rew doing well too!

  3. Hey,
    you've interestingly blogged your life. MASHALLAH!
    Is Gaia your real name? It always reminds me of Gaia the fearless character penned down by Francine Pascal in his book series called Fearless - use to read em when i was in grade 8.

  4. Oh you left middleast:O why?lol
    But its good to see you are happily home:)

    PS. my japanese bilingual search is still on:)

  5. hi textrovert! welcome :) i used to read sweet valley as a kid but gaia is based on mother earth (from captain planet :p)

    @Anon, I might be starting grad school in the fall but I'd love to go back to alsharq al owsat at some point!

  6. ^Cool.

    I have almost given up for japanese jobs. I guess middleeast isnt the place:(

    Neways, looking forward for your Khi. posts:D