Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There's a sandstorm raging outside. I thought my roomies were moving furniture downstairs until I happened to glance outside. You can't see anything... it's like a dense fog. Dust and fine sand swirling in the air, wind pounding the windows and debris hitting the walls (sounds like thunder). Hopefully, this means the weather will be a little cooler tomorrow. These days, it's around 36 degrees celcius during the day (and everyone's telling me it gets much warmer) but inside the office, I wear a jacket or shawl because the airconditioning system is too efficient :P

As a random side note, I have a copy of Abu Dhabi Week- Your Guide to Life in the Capital for each week since publication started last year. It goes to show that I've been at one mall or another each week and made sure to pick up my free copy :P.

Also, Coldplay will be performing at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi on March 28th. Sadly, I'm too poor to go (I don't want to buy cheap tickets and remain standing for 5 hours straight).


  1. we used to live in an area in lahore... which was just wide fields... and we used to get sandstorms too...

    not sayin that they wud b anythin comparable to what u r havin... but with the building qualities u get in pakistan it normally ended up with more sand inside ur house at times... lol

  2. I remember the sandstorms in Lahore! (visited briefly a couple of times) and we got a lot of sand inside :P