Friday, March 6, 2009

People Who Don't Clean

I've lived with roommates/housemates for the past 5 years and usually, we get along great EXCEPT WHEN THEY DON'T CLEAN! It annoys me no end and it isn't even my mess!

Everyone comes home from work exhausted and heads straight to their rooms... fine, I understand. But then, they cook food and leave their half-eaten food, dirty dishes and crusty pots everywhere and spots of sauce/oil/crumbs all over the floor and counters. They also leave the windows open. I know people like fresh air and all that jazz but this is Abu Dhabi... you NEVER leave windows open unless you want fine desert sand spattered across the floor.

I, being the Obsessive-Compulsve clean freak, go and clean up after them... (plus, I'm scared of roaches and creepy crawlies in the kitchen :P). I do the dishes, sweep and mop the floor, take out the trash and wipe down the counters with Lysol. The next day, everyone ooh and aahs at the spotless kitchen (like some fairy godmother did it overnight) and proceeds to make a mess all over again...

I'm looking for retaliation tactics...


  1. hahaha i remember your disgusted faces about the state of the spelman kitchen :P how many roommates do you have now? you should like assign cleaning duties each week. -sonya

  2. I have two (one is vegan and likes to cook lentils and they make the whole house smell!). Assigning duties doesn't work :P I'll continue cleaning and dropping hints...