Monday, March 9, 2009

Be a Bull, Be a Bear, Just Don't be a Sheep

A bull market describes an optimistic market outlook, associated with increasing investor confidence, motivating investors to buy in anticipation of increasing capital gains. A bear market is the steady drop in stocks over a period of time accompanied by massive pessimism (what the financial world is going through right now).    

The terms bull  and bear describe how each animal attacks its victims. The bull drives its horns up into the air while the bear will swipe its paws down upon its prey. But what's wrong with being a sheep and doing what you're told is best for you? Is "making it big" necessarily better than "playing it safe?" Sheep get slaughtered, so do bulls (they struggle more and put up a fight). And so I conclude bears probably come out on top. 
Better to tiptoe through life and arrive safely at death?

Actually, bears don't have it so good any more... Thanks to global warming and milder winters, bears are having a hard time being able to hibernate. The sleep-deprived bears are wandering into populated areas and getting shot :(

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