Sunday, March 15, 2009

O'Level Farewell

Right now, I'm listening to Simarik... Back in the day, this song was the rage at all our farewells and school parties :P It seems like such a long time ago when I was the naive, *innocent* and carefree fifteen-year-old wearing her mom's sari to her O'Levels farewell party.

All the guys and girls in our class had gathered at Jimmy's for the mandatory photo shoot. The girls looked stunning (our moms had gone overboard with the hair and make-up; these days, most girls go to the salon) and the guys wore suits, hair done up in spikes or slicked back with gel. We were all feeling more than a little self-conscious, not used to seeing each other in anything other than the school uniform and hormones were raging. That evening, some guys got the spunk to let the objects of their affection know "how they felt about them". Seven years later, one of those couples got married and another is now engaged :)

The evening entertainment included a fashion show and a concert by Messiah. The junior class gave us titles (painstakingly written on clay pots) and the graduating class gave titles to the teachers (engraved in silver tablets). After the King and Queen were announced, we had a marathon photo session and finally, the class picture (which is now tucked away somewhere in my cupboard at home).

By that time, most of us were starving and dinner was served. The guys being sweet and chivalrous for once got food for us girls since we hadn't quite mastered the art of walking long distances in sarees and high heels :P. There was caramel crunch icecream for dessert and though I used to think it was icky then, I wish I could have it again one more time.

It was almost midnight, and they opened up the "dance floor" complete with a DJ and strobe lights (it used to be a big deal back then). Some people busted out the dance moves and really got "into" it. My friends and I being somewhat shareef, sat at our table and waited for our parents to pick us up. All in all, it was night full of memories to cherish and now, I look back and smile at what were some of the best days of my life with some of the craziest (and bestest) people I've known...


  1. Well hello, hello.

    I had to do quite a bit of searching to figure out if this was you. You kept leaving me little messages on my blog, so I thought I knew who you were, but you'd went and changed your name. I kept thinking - who the heck is Gaia? But after some careful combing of my blog for old comments, I've finally put 2 and 2 together. So after all of that rambling, I wanted to say:


    I love this post, by the way. I was a huge fan of Simarik back in the day. That song has a lot of happy memories for me too.

    Be seeing you 'round the blogosphere!

  2. thanks for stopping by Mishi :)