Sunday, May 16, 2010


I can't believe I'm inshalah getting married in less than 2 months... yeah :O.

As D-Day gets closer, I feel more and more unprepared for this. Is that normal? (FYI Mr. F thinks time's going by too slowly... :P)

Mommy and grandma dearest have been doling out advice at random times:
- Be wary of people, but have a positive attitude
- Be friendly, but not too friendly (how much is too much?)
- Don't go anywhere alone without your husband (because apparently, men from Punjab have roving eyes :P)
- If the in-laws ask you to make something, make kheer... wait, no, that takes too long, make sheer korma, actually, that's our secret family recipe, just make custard trifle :P (Actually mom, I'll just order in Haagen Daaz :D)

I hope I survive the next few weeks without losing it completely...


  1. hey how did the issue work out?

  2. Hope it's all going well :)

  3. Good sure it always works out in the end..

  4. Issue resolved... let's just hope it doesn't rain in July... :{

  5. Congrats :)...
    Are your blog readers getting an invite :P?

  6. Oh yes same question from me, :P
    bloggers invited :D

  7. You can NEVER be prepared enough for this. :-) And I mean that in a good sense. You keep on thinking of all that can go wrong but you never considered how many good things there are.

    Follow the advice, make sheer khurma :-P and drop me a mail if you want to ask anything, and I literally mean ANYTHING about in-laws or life after marriage etc.

    Answered your questions on my blog, btw. :-)

    Chillax and keep your spirits up! I see so much of my mental state in your posts hehe *hugs*

  8. and oh yes, Errr, leave it, i am not good with words :(

    and oh yes this is my blog, please start following me,

    and i have started following you too and i find ur writing interesting, have a good day.

  9. lol! if any of you happen to be in lahore in july, you're invited :) i need all the people i can get from my side at the valima in an alien city :P

  10. I'm in Lahore(probably- explanation: the in-laws are in Lahore and I go every weekend)! *raises hand* Invite me! invite meeee!!!!

  11. you're invited... gimme your email!