Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's becoming increasingly warm in sunny Karachi. But Alhamdulilah, can't complain... at least I have ac at work :).

I was thinking back to a few (several?) years ago when I'd be taking my O'Level and A'Level exams in the scorching heat. Somehow, the heat didn't bother me much at the time, or maybe I was too focused on exams to bother about mundane matters like bijli. We didn't have a generator, so I'd wake up extra early (around 7 am) to study during daylight hours and my mom would make me brownies to keep my energy levels up (yes, I was a pampered kid!).

Sometimes, it scares me when I realize what a comfortable and secure life I've lead so far... I'm the favorite grandchild (*smug grin* lol) and my dad's princess... I don't think Mr. F or the in-laws are going to be as indulgent... Time to grow up :'(

Work is at an interesting stage... the deadlines have been pushed back a couple of months but it looks like I'll be honeymooning alone since Mr. F has to travel for work... I'm not sure how I feel about that :-S


  1. Don't worry. Human beings are very'll adjust very soon inshAllah.

  2. i know that i am putting this on every blog, but yes it is important, i need your prayers just once :P
    so read this and also tell about the template

  3. I didn't even GET a honeymoon, LOLZ! It wasn't that bad, waisey. Really. :-)

    Whats the deal with Mr. F travelling? Can you go with him?

    best wishes!!

  4. LOL! no, he decided to go early so we could go somewhere after the wedding...