Wednesday, April 1, 2015


So much has happened since the last post, it's hard to put it into words. Baby M is now big brother to Baby E and we are now a family of four. I will also Inshalah be graduating in a little over a month and we'll probably be heading back to Pakistan over the summer.

It's been a peaceful 2 years in New Haven (Alhamdulilah). Baby E arrived at 2:20 am in the middle of snow storm via c-section. I was shivering with fright as they wheeled me into the operating theater but the surgery itself was surprisingly painless even though I was awake through it. The recovery period took a lot longer and even walking was a chore for a few weeks but a month later, I'm feeling quite normal. Baby E came a week before his due date but he was only 5 lbs 5 oz (he'd been measuring small but the doctor's didn't detect it earlier) and was having trouble controlling his body temperature so they put him in a baby warmer in the NICU for a week so that he could put on some body fat before letting him come home.

The hardest part for me was leaving Baby M at home. Even though grandma was over to help out with the new baby and to help Baby M adjust to the change in family dynamics, I missed Baby M terribly and cried my eyes out when he'd go home after visiting me at the hospital. He would say, "Mamma, please come back to my house!" with tears rolling down his cheeks. He also got really sick when I was in hospital and I felt horrible for not being able to take care of him. My sweet little Baby M is suddenly grown up now and I guess all babies have to at some point but I'll miss his toddler days and our one-on-one time together. 

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  1. Congrats Lady :) ! Life is surely a rollercoster.