Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Parking at Dolmen Mall

The other day, I took my cousin who was visiting from Boston to Dolmen Mall. As we were waiting for our car in the parking lot, a fashionably dressed young man, (we'll call him G) drove up and started loading groceries into his car. He was in the wrong lane and blocking the way out. Cars started backing up, creating a mini-jam. G continued loading groceries. When the valet blew his whistle and asked him to please get out of the way, he burst out in an angry tirade, called him names and made threatening gestures. Meanwhile, an older man (presumably G's father) previously seated in the passenger seat got out of the car and asked his son to stop creating a scene. He apologized to the valet and got back into the car. G got in, slammed the door shut and drove off in a rage.

I foresee a sad future for our country if this is how the presumably "educated" and "civilized" generation behaves in public and I can only feel sorry for the father whose son cannot speak in normal tones to a person who's just doing his job. 

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