Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hubby vs. Baby

I don't know if this is normal/common among new parents but I think Mr. F went through a phase where he felt rather left out and resentful(?) of the new baby. I was totally drained at the end of each day and I had no time for myself let alone hubby. Plus, I wanted to spend every single waking moment just gazing at my first-born and worshipping him :-p (typical bollywood mom, yes :)).

I know hubby came first but when I look at Baby M, all I feel is 100% pure unadulterated love. Comments? 


  1. about time you had an affair....most certainly would put things in perspective for you.

  2. :D.. I think it's very normal. Er, not speaking from experience but from reading books and watching elder sibling bring up her now 3-year old MA.

    I so want to see Baby M. :(