Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's Saturday! Hurrah! I get so tired these days, it's not even funny. Weekends are a blessing :)

So I have a new boss and he's pretty weird. He just goes on and on and on about random things, his voice, his mannerisms and his condescending attitude are seriously beginning to irk me! He has this super-annoying habit of coughing to the side when he's on the phone and he explains every tiny little detail to me like I'm 5 years old! Urrrggghh!

I seriously need to get a new job... I've been doing mostly nothing for the past few months (well, I'm sort of studying for the GRE) but professionally, there isn't much for me to do, especially in Pakistan. It's pretty frustrating at times!

I'm planning to go watch "Meray Brother ki Dulhan" (My Brother's Bride) though I can't understand why they couldn't just call the movie, "Meray Bhai ki Dulhan" :-P

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