Thursday, September 15, 2011


My brother and sister danced to 'Down' (Baby are you down, down, down, down, down...) at my Mehndi :) Good times!

I'm feeling kinda low these days. Maybe it's the weather, but getting out of bed in the morning and coming to work is a massive effort. I'm not being a very good wife either. I've been having mood swings and poor Mr. F has to suffer. I do feel bad and married life is wonderful, Alhamdulilah but sometimes, I just feel trapped... Wish I could just take a month off and travel (alone or with my fun-loving single friends :-p) and not have to be considerate of anyone else's wishes.

Mr. F's traveling to America and Bulgaria and Rio for work and I'm going to be sad in Karachi... I can't seem to get used to it :-(

I know it's really mean of me to not want my husband to have fun without me.... :(

Advice on how to deal with this?


  1. Aaaaah Mr. F traveling alone to Coupa Cabana ! Me & my pervy mind

  2. Exchange Mr. F's first class ticket for two economy class tickets just like my cousin and her hubby and travel with him to all the exotic places. You are young once, money come and go but you can't have fun when you are old. No job worth to let your hubby travel alone, after you guys have a kid/s it will be very difficult to tag along.