Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sleep is Precious

My husband is (sometimes) the kindest, most patient man in the world. Yesterday, I had another tantrum/sulking session and he bore up quite well :-p.

I'd been cranky all evening and he was on the phone until 10... Then, he went to sleep at 10:15 while I stayed awake fuming and fretting and making myself ill. I decided to go and sleep in the other room because watching him sleep (innocent as lamb) was making me mad :-p. So I took myself off to the other room and tried to catch sleep... After an hour of tossing in vain, snacking on pistachios and chips and finally, eating raw sugar, I think I finally dropped off :-p

Around 1:30 am, Mr. F came to see where his wife had gone... He came and woke me up asking if everything was ok ("Hey, are you ok?" + endearments + lots of concern), Gaia wakes up all groggy and super-mad because now she's wide awake (again!)... Stayed up till Sehri while Mr. F read the Quran (he knows I wouldn't attack him if he's engaged in something like that :-p).

After Sehri, Mr. F gets ready to go back to sleep and I couldn't hold it in any more... many tears and a mini drama scene later, we both managed to sleep only to wake up again at 7:30 to come to work...

Yes, I know it sounds dumb but I had to get it out of my system


  1. it doesn't sound dumb, you shouldn't put yourself down or feel silly if something is bothering you. also i'm sure your "tantrums" are not really that, i would be totally mad if my husband kept talking on the phone until 10PM too and didn't give me attention! you're his wife, it's really understandable! :) i'm really glad you guys sorted it out and i hope you have much peace and love in your marriage!

  2. Gaia you didn't tell us what happened during the time when He woke you up and the time he took shower and was reading Quran !

    OOps me and my perverted mind !!