Monday, August 22, 2011

The End of Ramadan

Yet again, Karachi's come to a standstill. Petrol pumps are closed and attendance at office is thin but Mr. F and I don't really have an excuse coz we're a 15 minute drive from work :p

The last few days have been good Alhamdulilah. I attended a few iftars, made new friends and got some studying done. Work is blah... it's come to the point where my boss started avoiding me because he couldn't figure out anything for me to do! So i finally accosted him (GRE word :P) and had a heart-to-heart. He said look around, see what other people are doing and then let me know what you're interested in... I'll make it happen for you.

Problem is, there really isn't too much going on... everything's been kinda slow and I don't really have a finance background so they can't accommodate me there (even though they usually need more manpower). HR isn't my cup of tea either :(

Maybe I should just quit, start designing jewelry from home and hold exhibitions? (It's the cool new thing to do :p). Alternatively, I could just start a tuition center :p

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