Friday, July 29, 2011

What would you do?

Chutti time :) man, it's been a long week!

So people, here's a dilemma... Mr. F's traveling to India in September and to Spain in October. I wanna go too!! I could take 2 weeks off except, I've already used up all my leaves for the trips to Lahore (a couple of days here and there)...

- Bad impression on co-workers and boss if I take unpaid leave and vacation for 2 weeks when there's work to be done :P
- Could affect performance...

- I get to see India and Europe!!!!
- I have a Schengen visa (and visas are hard to come by when you have a leafy green passport)

What would you do?


  1. wow it would be so awesome if you could go. maybe try to do as much as you can before the trips, or take work with you if possible. may be a long shot but can a case be made to accompany in a professional capacity if there might be a benefit to your team/project? really hope you get to go! :)

  2. In an ideal world i would drop my work and go to europe anytime....

    But depends on how much you give importance to your job.. :D

    But europe is a trip of a lifetime.. Trust me i know :)

  3. dude i wouldnt care about the job, i would go go gooooooo!!! doing it right now, i quite my job so that i could travel for a month around europe, and TRUST me, im unemployed and dont regret it :D hehe

  4. Chali Aoo! Dubai men... Ghoomen gay Phiren Gay Moj karen gay.. Khaen gay PIYEN gay... Ati kia khandala ?