Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Life's been quite busy lately. I barely get time to eat, sleep and shower! Work for me ends around 7-7:30 and Mr. F comes home around 9... At that point, we're too exhausted to do anything but crash. Bijli's become quite a pain... for the last two days, the electricity comes for an hour and goes for the next two hours... The UPS has crashed..

We had visitors from Lahore this past weekend. We took them to Quaid-e-Azam's mazaar and Frere Hall and we were planning to go to Port Grande today... However, I had Sunday brunch at Koel and dinner at Olivetto... but the kulcha sandwich at Koel didn't quite agree with me... I spent Sunday night throwing up and now I'm in bed with a high fever and tummy ache :(

Mr. F was ultra-sweet though, he took me out for a drive and made me eat cake rusk because I couldn't keep anything down... Call me sappy but I was always one for being (gently) overpowered by a masterful man :p


  1. Is it me or is your married life really great? :)

    Anyways... Im happy for you....

  2. ooooooooh poor lady gaia !

  3. @LPS... there are highs and lows, sometimes, it's just amazing and sometimes, I'm like, "why did I do this to myself"... :'P

  4. Maybe Sometime we need to chat about the otherside of your married life :)