Monday, July 11, 2011

Late night whine-fest

It's 11:36 pm, I have work tomorrow and I can't fall asleep for the third night in a row... I have huge bags under my eyes and I've been attending random people's shaadis and valimas... And yes, I feel like whining right now...

My boss has gone to Salzburg :'( Mujhe bhi jaana tha... boo hoo hoo... Also, I think I'm getting the flu and I want someone to pamper me and pet me and put me to sleep... sigh

Plus, husband dear is going to the US and Spain and I'll be languishing in Karachi... (double sigh). It's pretty unfair though... by the time I'm senior enough in the company to go on business trips to fun places, I'll probably/inshalah have kids and I wouldn't want to leave them so I'll be the nice mom and stay at home... why are women so self-sacrificing :s ?