Friday, November 12, 2010

Local Lahori Recipes

I'll inshalah be going to Lahore for Eid! I'm supposed to "cook" proper desi food. So, to all you people from Lahore or Kashmir or with roots in Punjab, what are some decent dishes? Simple, easy and yummy recipes would be appreciated :)


  1. Wowwie. Although I'm not from Lahore but I know that Lahoris eat yummy food! Wish I knew enough about cooking to share a recipe. =/

    You could always order in when no one's watching. :P Hehehe... that was Plan B.


  2. OMG.. ur supposed to cook now.. i thot MR.F was doing that.... :P Anyways Good luck with it... I wish i was in lahore for eid.... :(

  3. I'm nit from lahore but one of my friends is and apparently murgh cholay and pulao is a big thing at their place. Anyways good luck!

  4. haha.. thanks all! Mr.F is doing the cooking but not in Lahore! When he's home, he's the manly man who doesn't go near the kitchen :-p