Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

and I'm loving it :) I hate sitting idle and having nothing to do and nerdy as it sounds, I get a high writing personal statements for grad school. So the US Embassy people are being lazy and still haven't returned my passport! I emailed them a couple of weeks back as I needed my passport to take the GRE and I'm still waiting for them to respond :-(

Alhamdulilah, I'm sort of settling into married life and getting used to "us" instead of "me" (and it definitely took me a while getting used to the idea!!!).

Mr. F and I are having "discussions" as to whether or not I should change my name post-marriage... I personally don't want to, I like my name and I'm quite happy being me but I have a feeling I'll eventually capitulate if it means a lot to Mr. F. Also, I don't think he'll enjoy being called Mr. and Mrs. Gaia on wedding invitation cards ;)


  1. I heard keeping your maiden name after marriage is complicated as you have to deal with paperwork and joint bank accounts etc. Also, people may get confused to your marital status if you dont share your husbands name.
    Personally, I was thinking about it, however I might not go through with it and conform to the norm.
    How about hyphenating both names?

  2. its a huge settlement thing, from 'me' to 'us'..gud dat u hve settled..i m wondering wat will happen of Mr.F if u vl leave for post grad studies :p

  3. Yeah Im wondering that too.. I mean, whats the deal. He stays here and you go??? :0