Sunday, November 14, 2010

Grad School Applications

Ana lazy jiddan jiddan! When it comes to writing personal statements, sample policy memos and studying for the GRE, I'd rather do the dishes, iron my clothes, clean out the cupboard or watch Golmaal 3 :o Please dear God, let me be done with it by the end of today.

I've lost some of my ambition/drive post-marriage and yes, it's mostly my fault. It's easy to settle into a routine and "go with the flow". Previously, I could plan for the future, quit my job or travel to Poland without my decision impacting anyone else... now, I feel a slight twinge of guilt (?)

Yesterday, Mr. F took me shopping :) It was sort of what I imagined married life would be like... having a guy carry my bags while I spend his money :p. Tonight inshalah, we'll leave for Lahore and I'll get to wear winter boots and socks and my Princeton hoodie :)

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  1. Liked ur blog, really interesting :)..gudluck for the grad school prep..its difficult after marriage though :)