Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Office

We've moved! To a brand new floor and I have a new cubicle... I've put up a new calendar and displayed rocks from Thar and shells from the beach to "make it my own" :). I also got bright pink post-its... and for no logical reason, looking at them makes me happy.

My boss is sitting in a cubicle 3 feet away from me but thankfully there's a frosted glass partition so he can't see me :p. Mr. F is in the cubicle next to my boss' so I take the extra-long route to the bathroom to avoid passing by him :P. Being married to a co-worker is still pretty awkward... (I thought everyone would become normal after the wedding but apparently our colleagues are starved for gossip).

Currently suffering from EXTREME mood swings! Yesterday, I was bubbly and smiling and the day before that, I couldn't stop the flow of tears... very Bollywood-ish and my poor husband was rather traumatized. I googled my symptoms and it may be post-nuptial depression and no, I'm normally not a hypochondriac :P.

Mom and Dad came to visit me yesterday for the first time since I moved into my new home... it wasn't too awkward but I still felt funny... Mr. F cooked pasta and they were super-impressed... lol.

Hope everyone's Ramadan is going well!


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