Monday, August 2, 2010

And the days go by...

I think I'm sort of settling into the routine of married life. Mostly, it's the same as before except I now have a constant roommate :). Waisay, I can honestly say guys are 90% alike unlike us complicated females and they're simple creatures :P.

Even though my husband and I have a pretty large age difference, I don't really feel it... in fact, I sometimes feel older specially when he acts like a 5-year old and has a temper tantrum.

I made banana pancakes for brunch on Saturday and they turned out nice (according to my lowly standards) but Mr. F only had one :'(. Otherwise, we've been attending dawats every day so I don't really have to do anything besides dress up and make small talk with my husband's friends' wives.

Pakistan's been going through a series of crises for the past week and a half... First the Air Blue crash, then, the floods in Khyber Pakhtunkwha and yesterday, the assassination of an MQM leader followed by general violence in Karachi... I fear for this country.


  1. How old are you and how old is your husband? (Yes, I'm the curious type... :-D)

  2. i'm 23 and my husband's 32... :)