Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Wedding

It rained on my wedding day... The drive from the salon to the house and then to the venue was epic... lol. A big thank you to all my lovely aunties for making sure everything went as smoothly as possible despite the downpour and flooded roads and fragile tempers.

I signed the Nikah in the middle of my phot0-shoot... the Maulvi forgot to ask me if my then husband-to-be was acceptable. My now-husband forgot to sign the Nikah form :P and my false eyelashes started coming off half-way through the wedding thanks to the humidity...

Oh and one of the rain-bugs (makoras with wings) got into my clothes... To put it mildly, it was an uncomfortable ride back to the hotel post-rukhsati...

But, in the end, Gaia is happy to be a Mrs. :)


  1. So very happy for you :) congrats and wish you all the best!

  2. Congrats! Sorry about all the rain...

  3. congrats gaia! a lifetime of health love and happiness to you both!

  4. Wowowow, I have been MIA so long, I can't believe I missed reading these posts on the day :-(

    Congratulations- khush raho :-)

    False eyelashes, hayee, mine wouldn't come OFF after the Walima day!

    LOL, I am ROFLing at the nikah-nama thing :-) Oh yar, let us see a pic, even if you have to blur it :-D