Friday, July 2, 2010


Last day at work before I leave for my official "shaadi break" (inshalah). I think the general cheesiness is rubbing off on me :P

The girls took me to Chatterbox for lunch... sweet :) It's nice being pampered and baby sis gave me a soothing back massage since Apa dear couldn't sleep... Mom and Dad are pretty stressed... I think they need the pampering more than I do...

Mr. F's gone to Lahore to finalize arrangements... he's so stressed out, I actually feel sorry for him...

I'm hoping and praying it doesn't rain on the wedding day and everything goes smoothly inshalah with minimal stress for my mom. And I hope Mr. F starts being nice to my parents :=(

Thoughts on singlehood (singledom?):

- I loved my life :) traveling, studying abroad, earning, spending and saving my own money, eating what I wanted, sleeping when I felt like and wearing what I was comfortable in...
- I loved the fact that I wasn't answerable to anyone except the daily phone call to my parents

*sigh* ? But I'm happy... I think... lol


  1. why is Mr. F not nice to ur parents?

  2. That's strange.....wat Anon said seriously not making this up? Then why would you still marry him if he is not nice to your parents?