Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Thankfully, I'm still the same person although I dress slightly more formally and wear slightly more make-up than before (let's see how long that lasts :P). It's funny how quickly you get used to being with a new person... I guess living with college roommates really helped since Mr. F and I have both lived with other people and dealt with obnoxious roomies...

We honeymooned in Koh Samui and Bangkok. The island resort was fantastic; a romantic getaway straight out of the movies. I went snorkeling and swallowed a whole lot of seawater trying to stay afloat in my life-jacket while Mr. F tried to impress me with his swimming skills and "save" me. Thai food is delicious although I grew tired of it pretty quickly and ended up going to an Indian restaurant for dinner on our third evening (yes, I am a fob at heart :)). Also did the touristy stuff: sightseeing, picture-taking and getting a massage (Mr. F got one while I went back to the hotel since I didn't think I'd like to stay and watch :P).

It rained for two days straight in Bangkok but we spent most of the time gift-shopping at Siam Paragon. Also, this is random but I saw a whole lot of Siamese cats and then, a light bulb went off *Siamese cats from Siam* lol :). FYI, the local currency is Baht and shopping is affordable though nothing beats American sales... The transport system is pretty cool; they have an airtrain (like the subway but above-ground) and tuk tuks on the ground (like our local rickshaws but with more leg-room).

Mr. F also wanted to go to the night market where they sell copies of brands like Lacoste and Hermes so I tagged along although it was in a sketchy area with lots of night clubs and prostitute houses. They were playing Lady Gaga at the clubs but Mr. didn't let me go inside :P. I bought fake Dior sunglasses :)


  1. Congratulations! I see you're having fun :)

    Btw. did Mr. F go inside one of those asking u to stay out for a while? :P

  2. he wouldn't have dared... that's why i tagged along :P