Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mundane Matters

We almost won the match today (Cricket: Pakistan vs. Australia). I'm not the biggest cricket fan out there but today's match was phenomenal! Final ball, final run, nail-biting finish (Ricky Ponting was biting his :p).

I went to the gym after almost three months of no exercise... Unsurprisingly, I lasted barely 10 minutes on the treadmill :p. What struck me as amusing (or maybe just pathetic) was that the electricity went suddenly and the gym was plunged into darkness. I was running slowly and the treadmill jerked to a stop without warning; I sort of rolled off and landed with a bump and a bruise. I think that was a divine sign to say "no more gym for another three months" :p.

I'm half-heartedly working on job applications :( Everyone's trying to be ultra-helpful but it's stressing me out... (I like doing things at my own pace).

In other news, my parents keep asking me if I "like" anyone. Ummm, dearest mum and dad, it's not like you ever encouraged me to date/hang out socially with guys and specifically told me not to get "involved" with anyone in college lest my academics suffer :p. And being a somewhat "shareef" Pakistani girl, I doubt I'm going to run into the love of my life at the grocery store :p.


  1. Gosh, it sounds like you were lucky you were only on a treadmill! Other machines could have killed you! The gym is a dangerous place!

    As a fresh graduate, I'm starting to look for jobs too... it's intimidating, innit?

  2. maha, you are too funny... i fall off treadmills even when the electricity is fine :P (and yes, i owe you a long overdue email >.<)

  3. ROFL. That is SO true. When parents ask you whether you 'like' anyone I'm like :O Do you ever let me TALK to anyone?! I don't LIKE ANYONE.

    When my mum asked me about the current rishta, I said it was okay. Because i don't know what else I should say. I've met the guy once or twice at family gatherings. I didn't have any idea there was going to be anyy rishta wishta so I didn't even give him a second look, truth be told. And now my mum's angry at me because I'm not excited enough and 'cold'. Like what is a girl supposed to do in an arranged match? Jump up and down for joy over a guy who you know nothing about except his table manners and polite conversation?

    Sorry, this turned into a rant! But parents SO need to chill on this 'rishta' score. It happens when it does. (which is what I've been telling my parents for 5 years, no less, LOL)

  4. Hi Borah! welcome! and good luck with the job search... it is intimidating, yes but hopefully will be worth it in the end...

    @SH... I miss you!
    @Specs: LOL, seriously, right? Btw, I'm really really happy for you :), Maybe you can in touch through msn and get to know him better?

  5. LOL!
    seriously man, every time my mom asks me the same question, i just roll my eyes.
    you tell us to keep our eyes down, ears shut and focus on studies when we are in school... and then you ask if we met someone?
    ghar ki izzat ka sawal hai yar ;)

  6. @Hemlock... this izzat shizzat is seriously overrated!

  7. As a very weird coincidence, recently I have bumped into so many "rishta" posts and find them very entertaining to read :P. I feel the moms need to start scanning female blogs and soon they ll end up finding pretty decent daughter-in-laws ;)

    Anyways, saw your blog for the first time. Nice reading it =)

  8. LOL! I'm not sure how I feel about a prospective MIL reading my blog :S... thanks for stopping by!