Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Still Swimming

Whew! I barely get time to gobble down lunch these days and I'm so beat, I just go home and crash... Staying at the 'rents again so I get home-cooked food from Mom plus a free back massage from sister dearest :) Yayy!

Mr. F's traveling and partying in Thailand :-P, I could be bitter but I don't want to make myself sick, so just trying to keep myself busy and happy. I got my bonus today :D. I think I'll spend it on a ticket for Mom to visit her sister in Canada.

Backaches are getting worse and baby dear is rather active Mashalah... Hoping everything turns out ok Inshalah.

I'm learning all about financial ratios and doing lots of number-crunching... it's pretty cool but do miss my Environment/Energy work...



  1. Hahaha don you worry gae all arab and paki men usually do not visit bangcock for partying.. there many poor girls need help and also many mosques there where they preach and pray with jamaat. And also dont forget that many men i know visit for business too

  2. are u pregnant?! mashaAllah! :D

  3. I like the sound of your life. Stay happy always. Mashallah.

  4. tsk tsk.... bechari desi mashriqi bholi bhali masoom biwian !