Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shamsi Farm

So our firm organized a "day-out" for employees at Shamsi Farms... Twas quite a painful experience!

We arrived at office at 8 am and got into the buses (without airconditioning!). Humidity was high and I would guess temperatures to be around 45 C... People were sweating and emitting BO :-P ewwww...

They'd hired 2 chalets, one for the men and one for ladies... except, no one felt like getting into the dirty water or going on the water slides. The boats weren't working, there were no paddles and it was too hot to do anything but curl up in bed with a book and sip iced lemonade.

Rather than team-building, the event seemed to be aimed at getting people to annoy one another and strain already-fragile nerves.

It was also my first company trip without Mr. F to entertain me :'(
Slowly, I'm coming to appreciate him more and more... lol

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