Monday, June 27, 2011

The Grand Reunion - We met, we hugged, we conquered...

Wednesday was a normal working day. I went to office, turned in a report and blasted emails. Then, I went home, packed and went to the airport.

Three hours later, I was in Dubai!!!!! M and Il came to pick me up, then we drove back to Masdar City in Abu Dhabi listening to "Give Me Everything Tonight" :D

Masdar City is pretty cool. The PRTs were finally working and it was sort of like the Jetsons as we zoomed away in a driver-less cube.

Next day, we went to IKEA on Saadiyat Island... I had the 1 dirham ice-cream, a hot-dog and a showarma and bought a garlic crusher, a solar lamp (to counter the load-shedding in Karachi) and scented candles... :)

We came back and watched "Due Date" followed by an all-night long girly gossip session.

Spent Friday in Marina Mall (Abu Dhabi), Saturday in Dubai Mall and Sunday in Mirdif City Center... and now I am officially broke :P

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