Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The problem with having a spouse working in the same organization (same division, same office!) is the awkwardness that comes with it... Plus, Mr. F is 10 levels senior to me so he eventually gets to decide where I end up :-P. Alhamdulilah, it's nice having a husband who takes care of things but I'd much rather have someone else make these decisions... or leave it up to fate :-|. It's also really annoying when we come home and Mr. F goes, "You should have been more assertive during the meeting." (Coming from someone else, it wouldn't have been a big deal but when it's the husband, it just sounds wrong!!! You're NOT by boss!)

Much to my consternation, I am rapidly turning into that woman (the nagging, controlling, loud-mouthed desi wife :().
10:00 pm: Husband dear, we need to get the air-conditioning fixed (Mr. F nods in agreement)
Midnight: And we need to collect the sofa cushions from Bella Interiors tomorrow (Mr. F doesn't bother replying)
6:00 am: Aunty H was asking about dinner this Saturday? Should I say yes? (Mr. F replies with a non-committal grunt and turns over, Gaia fuming)
8:00 am: Mr. F trying to be cute and cuddly. Gaia... fuming (Mr. F baffled... makes Gaia want to laugh but she controls herself and continues with the silent treatment)
8:05 am: tears trickling down Gaia's cheeks... picture of abject misery (I do this rather well... :P but save it for special occasions).
8:07 am: Mr. F capitulates... (sort of). Promises to take care of everything... happy couple :)
9:00 pm: Husband dear, we need to get the ac fixed... grunt,

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