Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Spirit :)

I really don't understand how women's minds work (mine included). On my birthday, Mr. F surprised me with flowers, chocolate and Happy Spirit...

I was pleasantly surprised because Mr. F's family doesn't celebrate birthdays and especially not past the age of 10 so he'd made a special effort for me. Next day, I was ill with fever and flu and was generally "down" but went to work and had a normal day, came home and crashed...

Started missing mommy and chicken soup and wanted attention but Mr. F went to sleep! So (and yes, I am a spoiled brat), I threw a tantrum and wept my heart out... Mr. F mumbled something, patted my head and continued sleeping!! For some reason this made me super angry (poor Mr. F who'd done nothing to deserve this...) and I responded with silent treatment and being really loud (think: ringing alarm clock, slamming doors etc.) to get Mr. F to wake up but it didn't work.

I eventually cried myself to sleep (*insert sheepish look here*). Next day was pretty awkward... I'd been bad but couldn't figure out how to make up for it and restore peace. A penitent kiss worked and thankfully, all's well.


  1. don't take this the wrong way, but that's the way it will be taken, but aren't u being too annoying to ur husband? stop it with the silent treatments and the tantrums, or else ur "marriage spirit" will sizzle up and die very very quickly...just be patient man, be happy that u hv someone to love and who loves u back very much...being married is a blessing and plz don't lose it, there are are many many ppl who wish to be married and cannot find their lucky one even tho they deserve plz - grow up

  2. Just wanted to say - people make stupid anonymous comments all the time. You are entitled to your feelings, and your own way of being in relationship. Don't take this silly comment to heart.

    Also - happy belated bday! :)

  3. I don't think the first comment is stupid. A bit harsh maybe, but he/she has a point. It's cute how you describe your angry moments and conflicts with Mr.F, but in real life those moments are probably much less entertaining. I've been at the receiving end of silent treatments and tantrums before and I eventually broke up with that person because it was just too immature and annoying. If you can't handle conflicts in a mature way, you shouldn't be in a relationship. Period.

  4. well i think a partner should be more sensitive and take care of you when you are sick and not feeling your best, and it sounds like that is what you were wanting too. don't beat yourself up about being "bad", i am sure you put up with his unflattering characteristics as well...we are all human. silent treatment, tantrums may not be the best way to communicate but you still deserve to be taken care of...perhaps communicating it to him just openly about how it made you feel when he didn't respond the way you needed him to in that instance. you were obviously upset by his response and you are entitled to those feelings, it's good to let him know clearly and openly.

  5. us "spoiled brats" are only making ourselves the most miserable, but it's not our fault, promise!

  6. Okay i think i wana get married now or atleast engaged or something :D