Monday, October 19, 2009

A phase "blew" in a our last night and since then most parts of the house have been without electricity... Strangely enough, the ac in my brother's bedroom is working, the lights in my room are on and the fridge and freezer are still running (thank God!). I just hope no one trips over the extension cords in the dark :P.

On a completely different note, when I first started college in the US, a friend very kindly explained to me what the term "Catholic schoolgirl" meant. Basically, a Catholic schoolgirl is a ho. She wears a tightly buttoned white blouse with a short skirt and fishnet stockings.

Recently, I saw a woman wearing a sari with a really tiny blouse so that much of her tummy was exposed. In an attempt at (modesty?!), she'd covered the exposed part of her tummy with a fishnet... Fashion faux pas?


  1. God bless 3-phase electricity :D

    No, that's not strange. In fact, we used to have this problem regularly at our place in Khi, suddenly a phase would disappear. We fixed it by fixing a phase converter to shift all the load on available phases.

  2. do you know that your blog doesnt post the entire thing in the reader? and i have to come visit the site in order to read what you've written?
    MUCH annoying.

    so kindly, go into the settings, and check the option of publish full post.

    this PSA was brought to you by the hemlock.